Vince Harttrup is a Canadian born director, producer, and editor based out of Los Angeles. He has been producing multimedia content for as long as he can remember and has a documentary to prove it. Armed with his sony and gimbal, Vince is well recognized in his hometown of Kitchener, Ontario for his co-created events Beyond The Gram (March 2018) and his movie premiere Digital Glue (October 2018). His storytelling and visuals have landed him work with clients like NBA Canada, Nike, Uber Eats, and M&M’s. A recent gradate of the Global Business and Digital Arts program at the University of Waterloo, Vince is excited to take his passion and work ethic south of the border for 2019.


TIME Magazine, Instagram, Canada Keeps ExploringWe Live Up Here, TimeResQ, Ever After Music Festival, Triple Bogey Brewing Co., Rocket Fire.