School Projects & Contributions


From design to content creation, Global Business and Digital Arts has tested my skills in a large variety of individual and group projects. Below are some of my favourite projects that I have worked on since September of 2014. Enjoy!

Last fall, I wrote and directed a movie for my second year film course. I was surrounded by a talented group of individuals who helped make the film a reality! The film was chosen to represent our program in the Global Business and Digital Arts gala.



The Waterloo campus in Stratford is famous for it's three story micro tile wall from Christie Digital. Many of the projects require a visual component that fit the dimensions of the wall. Below are four infographics that I have designed for various classes out in Stratford. 




For a project management course, our group decided to host an "Instameet"/photowalk on campus in Waterloo. We got a create response and partnered with campus clubs like TED UWaterloo Photoclub. The event turnout and participation was a huge success and we gave the winner a film camera for best overall photo taken on the walk. Check out the Facebook event details here!




During the second semester of second year, my group and I were tasked to re-design and code a new website for the Stratford Police Services. I spent my time working on colour schemes and the layout of the website. In addition, I performed user testing, and worked on a stakeholder map and competitive analysis for our project portfolio. Check out the website ( http://gbda228.uwaterloo.ca/sec1grp2/Police/index.html ) and some of my work for the project below!




In first year, my UX group and Idesigned an app that would track data usage for cellphone users. You can walk through the wireframes on Invision by copying this link into your browser. ( https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/5A94HOJP2#/screens/46546674 )



Over the past 7 weeks, I have successfully completed two audio projects that I had full creative control over. My friend Rory and I had to create an assignment that incorporated lecture material so we decided to write a script for a radio talk show. The "Outback Servers" was a hit with our classmates and professor.  We were as creative as possible when it came to the sound design of the talk show and the lyrics for the rap which can be heard at the end of the end of the podcast. "Stars" was a song that I wrote and designed on my own. It was a flexible assignment, but I took on the challenge of making my own song which I am very proud of... especially because I don't think my strengths are in music.



Last month, my friend Rory and I created an Instagram marketing campaign for class. We had Busch partner with John Deere and we developed an Instagram theme, calendar, and contest to increase sales and expand John Deere's target audience. Although this was a project for class, we learned the fundamental basics of bringing our marketing campaign to life.